Thursday, January 19, 2012

When I Saw Your Eyes

When you came to your door tonight,

And your beautiful eyes gazed at me from the darkness within,

The world around me came to a stop,

For just a few seconds, as I saw the love from within you.

You looked at me with your warm smile, your black hair around your face,

And whispered softly, “hi baby”, and once again, I was at your mercy.

For when you look into my soul and I hear the sound of your sweet voice,

My heart opens to you my love, with all of my dreams now fulfilled.

I never knew that a love like this could ever exist, a love that consumes me,

A love so powerful, and so overwhelming, that I fear if I were without it,

My heart would no longer have a meaning to its existence,

For the love that flows through it now, is what keeps me alive, keeps me whole.

As I gaze into your eyes my love, down into the depths of your very being,

I can see the love you feel for me, a love as strong as my own,

A love that fills me so full of emotion, so full of hope for the future,

That I pray I will spend the rest of my days, gazing into your eyes.

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