Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What i feel

All that i have kept up inside
feelings that do show some i can not hide

i'm hurt crying the pain im long to feel
Sad annd trying is my heart brake for real?

I ask myself if the heart is the strongest muscle why does it get broken so easliy?

I feel the need to run, run away from this place hurting and pain show on my face

A sad lonley girl in the human eye
every tear has a story she heals with a try

i feel locked up To night and to day
my sun and skies from beautiful to gray

all that surrounds me falls to the ground
i sit and stare
blanking out every sound

i sit and i wonder i cry and i weep
how awful my life is my life yet i keep

its crazy how i still walk in this world
and how one boy can bring pain like this to one girl

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