Saturday, November 6, 2010

the phone

TO hear your sweet voice in the early dawn,

Gives to my heart a feeling thats warm,

And starts my day with my thoughts in a swarm.

To wake to the ring of the phone,

And know that I will not be alone,

For together we have joined our souls,

So we may help each other to fulfill our goals.

My love you is true and sure,

And you make my life feel pure,

Since we have started this wonderful tour.

The phone rings
My heart jumps
My hand trembles
I get Goosebumps
I feel the electricity
Of our last touch
My head is dizzy
I want you so much
My body tenses
As I hear your voice
Loving you
Was my choice
The words you say
Make my heart melt
Completely loved
Is how I felt
How I long to be
In your arms again
I ache for you
Until then
I love you, Baby
With all my heart
I am so ready for
Our forever to start

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