Wednesday, September 9, 2009

will love last

One of the most valuable lessons

We cal learn form life is this:

That, try as we might, we will never have

All the answers. We can wonder for the rest

Of our days whether we are doing the right

Thing.. continuing in the best relationship

And following the best paths toward tomorrow,

But no one is ever going to answer those

Questions for us.

We both may have wonderings of what to

Do and curiosities of what’s to come. Time

Will help us with the results, but more than

Any one things, it’s up to us- and to the

Love we have for each other- to go in the right direction.

You and I might sometimes wonder about

Where we’re headed and whether our love

Will last a lifetime through. We may not know

The answer, but I’ll tell you the one things

I do know:

There’s no one

I’d rather try to spend

Forever with… than you.

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